Business Automations Simplified.

With Rifa Al, users can automate any of their workflows which are executed in a browser environment controlled by Al

Let our AI agents take charge

Seamless Process Automation in action!

Smart and Agnostic

RIFA has enhanced capabilities to learn, adapt, scale and make more intelligent decisions while automating your workflow.

Simplify Automation

RIFA workflows streamline tasks by analyzing queries and enabling error-free emulation of actions for efficient automation.

Feature 01

Custom Integrations

Enabling seamless integrations even in non-API-supported softwares for automation.

Feature 03

Multiple Bots

Army of virtual browser agents, ensuring seamless automation 24/7, across multiple instances.

Feature 03
The security first platform

Benefits you simply cannot ignore

Traditional automation softwares make you extremely dependent on external factors. Smarter AI agents are here to save the day.

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RIFA generates a virtual browser that executes actions on your behalf. It mimics human-like navigation on websites by interpreting and interacting with them.

Technical Understanding

How can I automate my business processes?

RIFA automates workflows by understanding detailed user queries and utilizing provided context to construct actionable workflows.

How does RIFA simulate human-like navigation on websites?

Using Selenium and AI algorithms for browser automation to replicate mouse movements, clicks, scrolling, typing etc.

What kind of tools do RIFA support for automation?

RIFA supports all types tools and operates directly with websites, eliminating the need for external APIs.

User Management


By analyzing user interactions and task data, RIFA improves its efficiency.


Get an email alert and requested data output upon task completion.


RIFA allows to save and share user workflows across an across an organization.

Focus on what truly matters

Integrate AI workers at the forefront of your business and pay as you go!